Nail Varnishes

Nail Varnish Ingredients

Description: nail varnishes or nail polishes are applied to the nails with a brush, to either protect or embellish by adding a lacquer. Nail varnishes consist of a base coat, which strengthens and protects the nails, and a topcoat, which attaches to the base coat and gives the color. The best results are achieved when these two are used together. 

 Trends and Ingredients: the most important function of a nail varnish is a nice-looking color that lasts for as long as possible. A variety of ingredients is used to get polishes in all colors of the spectrum, which adhere well to the nails and maintain their quality in all weather conditions (for example Benzophenone 4 or IngreSil PDM-500). Furthermore, it is important that the substance is easy to apply. In this busy society time is scarce, so it is desirable that nail varnishes dry as quickly as possible.

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Used in many cosmetic applications to provide skin protection against sunburn, Benzophenone 4 is commonly used in anti-aging facial care products, sunscreens and hair products. It can also be used as an emollient and an ingredient to prevent cosmetic products deterioration from sun exposure. Benzophenone 4 can be formulated into after-sun, self-tanning, color cosmetics, lip care, nail polish and body care products. It can also provide excellent protection for bleached and colored hair against UV radiation and can be used in hair gels, shampoo, mousse, hair sprays and hair primers. A secondary UV-B absorber with activity in short UVA (UVA-2) range rays, Benzophenone 4 provides supplemental UV protection and boosts SPF activity.
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Phenyl Dimethicone
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IngreSil PDM-500 is a phenyl modified silicone oil with low viscosity. It's highly film forming, increasing waterproofing while still maintaining breathability of the skin or hair. It also imparts superior gloss and lubricity to both skin and hair, making for healthier looking and feeling skin. IngreSil PDM-500 is very compatible with hydrocarbon oils and a wide range of other ingredients. It is mainly used in skin and hair care applications like skin/sun creams and lotions, hair conditioners and hair styling products, but it can also be added to Decorative Cosmetics like lipsticks and glosses.