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IngreCore’s commitment to Service

IngreCore is an online sales and marketing company, focused on ingredients and chemicals for manufacturers of personal care and cleaning products.

In today’s B2C world people have become used to and expect readily available information, instant answers and 24/7 services. However, in B2B environments this is not so obvious. Many companies have downsized, outsourced, or automated their customer service and it’s not always easy to receive meaningful answers. Even simple things as finding a telephone number or having somebody who picks up the phone can be a challenge. At IngreCore we value our customers, and we value good service. It’s our strong belief that every customer, from very small to multi-national, everywhere in the world deserves quick and complete replies and that this service aspect is a foundation of IngreCore’s success. This is the reason that not only our business support people are involved in providing customer service, but also sales managers and IngreCore’s management.

Customer Service – includes all questions, issues and information related to products and orders
Logistics services - from customs clearance, different shipping terms to repacking services
Regulatory services – everything related to regulatory documents, procedures, and compliance
Formulation services – recipe and formula building, lab demonstrations and trials
Product Testing services – retests to extend shelf life or product matching service