Anti-inflammatory Ingredients 

Description of Anti-inflammatoryingredients or treatments that reduce swelling and inflammation are called anti-inflammatory. Reduced swelling and inflammation, in turn can alleviate pain.  

Anti-inflammatory substances are added to some Skin Care products to add a soothing, pain reducing effect and to reduce redness and swelling of irritated, inflamed skin. In the IngreCore range D-Panthenol75 is an ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties. In the pharmaceutical world there are anti-inflammatory drugs, which remedy pain by reducing inflammation. Furthermore, some herbs and health supplements are claimed to have anti-inflammatory effects. Likewise anti-inflammatory foods such as fatty fish and berries are often mentioned in combination with a diet to reduce inflammation.

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A nutrient from the Vitamin B-family, D-Panthenol75 is an anti-inflammatory active that is widely used in skin, hair and nail applications. Known for its many ancillary benefits, D-Panthenol75 is known to boost skin's fibroblasts, reduce fine lines, redness and dry patches in skin and promote the skin's barrier for added protection from environmental toxins. For hair, it provides moisturization and humectant properties leading to increased elasticity, moisture and shine.