Organic Rose Oil

Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

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Product Description

Organic Rose Oil is organic certified by Lacon. It is made by water-steam distilling of the fresh rose petals picked from the Rosa Damascena fields in Bulgaria. This gives an oil containing a wealth of micro and macro components such as citronellol, geraniol and linalool etc. Organic Rose Oil can be used in skin care formulations for all kinds of skin, but is especially suitable for dry and irritated skin, because of its great hydrating, disinfectant, and anti-inflammatory properties to products. It is also used in perfumery, aromatherapy and flavors for food supplement capsules and beverages. Also available as conventional grade called Natural Rose Oil and Natural Rose Oil - 06.

Packaging Description

  • Aluminum bottles of 0.250 KG
  • Aluminum bottles of 0.500 KG
  • Aluminum bottles of 1 KG
  • Aluminum bottles of 2 KG
  • Aluminum bottles of 5 KG
  • Aluminum bottles of 10 KG
  • Aluminum bottles of 25 KG


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  • 100% pure and natural
  • Organic certified by Lacon
  • Unique make up of components
  • Well known ingredient for luxury creams and fragrances
  • Perfect for irritated, dry or sensitive skin
  • Antiviral, anti-inflammatory, disinfecting and hydrating properties



Beverages, Body Care, Hair Care, Perfume, Skin Care


Food, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical

Application & Function

Product Functions

Anti-inflammatory, Anti-irritant, Cleansing, Cooling or Refreshing, Moisturizing, Wound healing


Anti-ageing creams, Perfumes, Skin/Sun Creams, Skin/Sun Lotions

Similar or equivalent to

Bulgarian Organic Rose Oil; Rose Oil Organic

Product Hazard information

CLP-GHS pictograms:

Transport Hazard Indication

Non Dangerous Goods

Transport Hazard Class

Not Applicable

Product information


Rosa Damascena Flower Oil

HS Code


CAS Number


Product Form


Region of Origin

European Union



Product Group

Essential Oils & Floral Waters

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