Anti-foaming Ingredients or Chemicals 

Description of Anti-foaming: An anti-foaming agent prevents the formation of foam and defoamers eliminate existing foam. These terms are often used interchangeably and at IngreCore we use anti-foaming for both terms. An Anti-foaming agent is a component commonly added in chemical processes that work with liquids. Anti-foaming ingredients or chemicals will reduce or prevent the generation of foam. This is important, as foams pose a significant problem in industrial processes. Foams can lead to problems in the final appearance of the product, as well as problems in the production or packaging process, for example when air from the foam enters pumps. 

Anti-foaming agents come in a wide variety with an even wider range of specifications. In general an anti-foaming agent does not dissolve in the medium and has some surfactant abilities. Commonly used anti-foaming agents include insoluble oils, silicone solutions such as IngreSil DM350 and IngreSil DM100, glycols, waxes and even some alcohols.

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Octyldodecanol is a transparent, odorless fatty alcohol. It is compatible for personal care products, where a wide range of pH is required. A medium spreading emollient. Octyldodecanol is a very common base within the formulation of emollient esters. It has very good penetration features with high stability levels, making it appropriate for deodorants, decorative cosmetics and skin care products. This material also has strong solvent, humectant and gloss enhancing features.
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Ingresil DM350 is a low viscosity linear silicone fluid (dimethicone and it's chemical name is polydimethylsiloxane) with excellent lubricity and spreading properties that can be used in a wide variety of cosmetic applications. Providing a non-tacky moisture barrier in skin creams and lotions, Ingresil DM350 is also an excellent emollient for hair products. Providing the benefits of Detangling, ease of wet-combing, Shine, Soft Feel and Dry Conditioning, Ingresil DM350 is suitable for hair styling and conditioning products. It is non-toxic and inert in nature.
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IngreSil DM100 is a low viscosity linear silicone fluid (dimethicone and chemical name is polydimethylsiloxane). It's used in antiperspirants, deodorants, cosmetics, scrubs, shaving products, lip & eyeliners, skin lotions, and sun care products. An excellent spreading agent, IngreSil DM 100 provides protective, non-tacky yet breathable layer to the skin. It can also effectively eliminate the whitening effect of W/O emulsions.