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Personal Care Ingredients Market 

Description and products: The Personal Care market or Personal Care Industry is also commonly referred to as the Beauty or Cosmetics or Health and Beauty market. Companies active in this market have a shared objective which is to manufacture or market products that help consumers with personal hygiene, to enhance their health and to improve their personal beauty and provide protection to their bodies 

At IngreCore, when we refer to the Personal Care Market, we refer to all manufacturing and research companies that use Personal Care Ingredients and Chemicals as raw materials in order to manufacture and produce Personal Care products for consumers. We segment the Personal Care Ingredient market in 5 submarkets and each submarket covers multiple Personal Care consumer products which we call Applications. Submarkets are Decorative Cosmetics, Hair Care, Oral Care, Skin Care, Body Care and Perfume. Shampoos and Hair conditioners are examples of applications related to Hair Care. For every application IngreCore offers a broad range of high-quality Personal Care Ingredients and chemicals from natural ingredients, conditioning polymers, Active Ingredients, Preservatives, to commoditized and innovative specialty chemicals.  

Personal Care Ingredients can also be segmented on the basis of the functionality they provide in the formulation or production process of the final personal care product being produced. This segmentation is called Product Functions and includes attributes such as Thickening, Conditioning, Moisturizing and other technical capabilities. 


Characteristics: The Personal Care market and indirectly the Personal Care Ingredients market remains a dynamic, innovative environment with many trends and countless new products. Marketeers and manufacturers are often seeking new and innovative solutions and ingredients. Consumers, which have become knowledgeable about the products and their impact on the environment and health require new, safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly products such as natural, and vegan-friendly ingredients 

The Personal Care Market has shown a solid global growth over the past few decades and expectations are promising on basis of the main growth indicators of this market including population growth, consumer spending per capita, increased life expectancy and acceptance by specific consumer groups (i.e., Men’s Care). 


Trends and solutions: Today’s personal care market is filled with increasing consumer demands for sustainable, organic and natural products that protect skin, hair and body from pollution, the sun, UV rays, blue light and a host of other environmental threats. 

At the same time consumers want fewer products, or simpler lives so they prefer to have multiple benefits in a single product. The global pandemic has resulted in demand for self-care products, which help to escape the daily dullness of the lockdowns and which help to give peace of mind. Changes in Fragrance preferences which conjure images of the beach and sun have become more common as well as multi-faceted products that provide not only hand sanitization, but also provide moisture to the hands and a beautiful fragrance that can take the place of regular perfume. Home Hair Color and Salon-style beautifying agents have also soared in recent months.  

IngreCore is a global personal care ingredient supplier committed to sustainability and social responsibility, coupled with an aim to meet cosmetic formulators’ needs that will satisfy trends in an increasingly demanding and diversified market. We strive to provide an easily accessible, all-inclusive range of ingredients to cosmetic manufacturers regardless of size or country so that high quality personal care products that meet the growing challenges we face in our world today will be within everyone’s reach.

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DMDM Hydantoin; Aqua
Item #: 1051
DMDM Hydantoin 55% is a 55% water solution. Cost effective and easy to use, this preservative system provides excellent bacterial and fungicide product protection. It can be easily used in a broad range of personal care products and provides color and heat stability. It is compatible with anionic, nonionic and cationic systems.
Best available price $10.24/kg

Glyoxylic Acid
Item #: 1058
Glyoxylic Acid 50 is supplied as 50% water solution. It is used in personal care products as a neutralizing agent and is used for hair straightening products in particular including shampoos, conditioners, rinses, lotions and creams. It is also used in the production of agrochemicals, aromas, pharmaceutical intermediates and polymers.
Best available price $12.81/kg

Diazolidinyl Urea
Item #: 1056
Easily incorporated into a broad range of cosmetic formulations, Diazolidinyl Urea has a high efficacy against bacteria. It causes no changes in the appearance of the formula, is highly cost effective, and is highly effective against Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria, as well as molds, and a limited effect against yeasts. Stable and active in the pH range 3-9, Diazolidinyl Urea is an excellent preservative for many cosmetic applications.
Best available price $21.51/kg
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Diazolidinyl Urea IPBC
New Arrival

Diazolidinyl Urea, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate
Item #: 1049
Diazolidinyl Urea IPBC combines Diazolidinyl Urea, which is one of the most effective antibacterial agents, and Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, which is a powerful antifungal preservative. The blend ratio provides for a strong, broad-spectrum protection against antimicrobial activity with a very low amount of preservative required. This system works over a wide pH range and does not affect the appearance of the final product and is an excellent alternative to parabens.
Best available price $0.78/kg

Item #: 1073
Polyquaternium 7 is an aqueous solution of a cationic copolymer of diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride and acrylamide. It is preserved with 0.5% Sodium Benzoate. A highly charged cationic water soluble copolymer, Polyquaternium 7 is perfect for anhydrous formulations and soluble in both glycerin and propylene-glycol. It is one of the most commonly used polymers in the world today in care products, toiletries, and home care applications. Polyquaternium 7 is a well known conditioning agent for hair care products with excellent cleaning and film forming abilities.
Best available price $11.53/kg
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Imidazolidinyl Urea
New Arrival

Imidazolidinyl urea
Item #: 1048
One of the most widely used preservatives for topical pharmaceutical products as well as cosmetics, Imidazolidinyl Urea is easy to work with and causes no changes in the appearance of products. A low cost, low use preservative, Imidazolidinyl Urea is also known as Imidurea NF. With high efficacy against bacteria, it is highly effective against Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.
Best available price $2.82/kg

Item #: 1075
Polyquaternium 22 is an amphoteric copolymer. A viscous liquid, Polyquaternium 22 can be used for numerous purposes and can be formulated in extreme pH levels. Good compatibility with most amphoteric and anionic surfactants. Polyquaternium 22 is known for its good conditioning qualities, ability to provide stiff hold in hair styling products, and has excellent humidity resistance properties.
Best available price $18.50/kg

Item #: 1040
Polyquaternium 4 is a cosmetic ingredient that is broadly used in hair conditioners and skin care lotions and creams. It is a highly cationic conditioner and fixative useful at a wide range of pH and low viscosity. Both water soluble and providing antistatic and film forming properties, Polyquaternium 4 is extensively used in hair styling, mousses, texturizers and conditioners.
Best available price $2.10/kg

Item #: 1077
Closely related to the keratin found in hair and skin, Polyquaternium 39 is a quaternized terpolymer. It is excellent for use in shampoos and conditioners, and lends to moisturization and silky-smooth feeling to body washes and skin creams. Polyquaternium 39 also has great conditioning and styling attributes and is used in curl retention products, natural wave-look products, and heat-protection products.
Best available price $3.75/kg

Item #: 1076
A quaternized terpolymer made of acrylic acid, methyl acrylate and methyl acrylamide, Polyquaternium 47 is compatible with anionic surfactants. Polyquaternium 47 is known for its great detangling capabilities and use in products for dry & wet combability, Polyquaternium 47 is ideal for applications such as 2 in 1 shampoos, hair conditioners, styling gels, hair tonic, body washes and hand soap.
Best available price $18.72/kg

Item #: 1041
Polyquaternium 10 is a cosmetic ingredient that is widely used in hair care products due to its anti-static and moisturizing properties. It is compatible with a wide range of surfactants. A non-tacky film former, Polyquaternium 10 supplies sheen coating to hair and can also aid in the repair of damaged hair. Polyquaternium 10 is designed to provide conditioning and rich feel to hair and skin. It can be formulated in clear products.
Best available price $8.15/kg

Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
Item #: 1045
Offering the dual benefits of conditioning and viscosity build, Guar SH 13 can be used in both skin and hair care products. It is self-hydrating and does not require pH adjustment for viscosity modification. Guar SH 13 is frequently used for products catering to damaged, bleached and chemically treated hair and can be formulated with natural conditioning oils for enhanced conditioning performance.
Best available price $10.24/kg

Item #: 1057
Allantoin is a skin protectant with anti-irritant properties that promotes the renewal of the skin, softening skin, and aids in wound healing. This active ingredient is widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications in the form of creams, lotions, lip products, shaving creams, suntan products and baby products. It can also be used in various oral products such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Allantoin complies with CTFA and JSCI requirements.
Best available price $2.26/kg
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Capryl Glucoside70
New Arrival

Caprylyl / Capryl Glucoside
Item #: 1083
Ideal for foaming and cleaning products, Capryl Glucoside70 is a 70% active in aqueous solution. It is a mild and readily biodegradable non-ionic surfactant. Capryl Glucoside70 exhibits alkali stability and solubility and is compatible with all types of surfactants in personal care, household and industrial applications
Best available price $1.23/kg

Cocamidopropyl Amine Oxide
Item #: 1096
IngreNox CP30 is a 30% aqueous solution of cocamidopropyl amine oxide. Broadly used in cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products, IngreNox CP30 is a mild, nonionic surfactant, efficient foam booster, stabilizer and viscosity modifier. Common applications include conditioning shampoos, foam baths and liquid soaps of all kinds. IngreNox is a very popular option for mild, low irritancy applications and is compatible with most surfactants.
Best available price $3.83/kg

Decylamine Oxide
Item #: 1090
Ingrenox D40 is a nonionic surfactant that demonstrates synergistic features when formulated into anionic and nonionic surfactant systems. Stable in acidic or alkaline conditions, Ingrenox D40 can be formulated into high alkaline cleaners, acid cleaners and hard surface cleaners and provides detergency with low to moderate foaming properties.
Best available price $1.98/kg

Myristamine Oxide
Item #: 1094
IngreNox M30 is a nonionic surfactant that is commonly used in Personal Care and Home & Institutional Cleaning applications. An excellent foam booster, foam stabilizer and viscosity modifier, IngreNox M30 is often used in the formulation of shampoos, foaming bath products and for improving conditioning features in shampoo formulas. It also exhibits synergistic effects when formulated into anionic and non-ionic surfactant systems.
Best available price $4.06/kg
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PEG75 Lanolin50
New Arrival

PEG-75 Lanolin; Aqua
Item #: 1116
Non-irritating to skin and eyes and considered safe to use, PEG75 Lanolin50 is an ethoxylated lanolin and available as 50% solution. It's widely used in skin and hair products. This low viscosity, water-soluble moisturizer is easy to handle and can be processed at room temperature. Holding emulsifying, solubilizing, and emollient properties, PEG75 Lanolin50 is known for its gentle cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning benefits. It is recommended for use in aqueous or aqueous-alcoholic formulations for applications ranging from hair conditioners to sensitive skin hand cleansers.
Best available price $1.36/kg

Cocamidopropyl Betaine
Item #: 1100
Betaine CP38 is around 25% more concentrated than typical grades of this material which makes it hostile to microbial growth, eliminating the need for a preservative. Betaine CP38 is a high active grade of cocamidopropyl betaine made from a low odour and low colour feedstock. It is stable and efficacious over a broad pH spectrum and is suitable for cationic and anionic surfactants, plus it is readily biodegradable. This self-preserving betaine is manufactured from hydrogenated coconut oil and is an amphoteric surfactant.
Best available price $8.15/kg
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Guar SH261
New Arrival

Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride
Item #: 1055
Guar SH-261 is a guar gum derivative modified from natural guar beans and is known under the INCI name Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride. Widely used as a conditioning agent in personal care products, Guar SH-261 is a cationic polymer that provides substantivity and compatibility with anionic surfactants. It is used in shampoos and hair conditioners and can be used in both leave in and rinse out products. Guar SH-261 helps maintain moisture on the skin after rinsing and is often used in body washes, shower gels and liquid soaps. For hair products, Guar SH-261 can be used for many different hair types - from normal to oily to ethnic and can provide anti-dandruff, repair, volumizing and detangling benefits.
Best available price $5.48/kg

PEG-150/Stearyl Alcohol/SMDI Copolymer
Item #: 1118
IngrePol P150DS is a polyethylene glycol diester. It has strong thickener features in challenging surfactants formulations and thickens via an associative mechanism. Due to it's nonionic character, no neutralization is needed. IngrePol P150DS is also used as a rheology modifier, to improve formulation efficiency. IngrePol P150DS is also very common in a wide range of personal care applications, including sunscreen products.
Best available price $16.39/kg

Benzyl Alcohol; Dehydroacetic Acid; Aqua
Item #: 1054
Ingragard BDA is permitted for use in natural and organic cosmetics in accordance with the Natural Certified Cosmetics (COSMOS, Ecocert, Soil association, BDIH) organizations. Ingragard BDA is a gentle and effective broad spectrum preservative system based on nature-identical substances. It is very cost effective and can be used in a wide range of cosmetics with slightly acidic pH of up to 6.5-7.
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Coco Glucoside64
New Arrival

Coco Glucoside; Decyl Glucoside
Item #: 1160
Coco Glucoside64 is an aqueous solution of Alkylpolyglucosides derived from natural C8-14 fatty alcohols. It is a natural surfactant suitable for use in a broad range of Personal Care, Household and Industrial products. Biodegradable and part of the mild green range of surfactants, Coco Glucoside64 provides excellent foaming, solubility, wetting and dispersing properties and is compatible with all classes of surfactants.
Best available price $1.37/kg

Cocamidopropyl Amine Oxide
Item #: 1097
IngreNox CP33 is a 33% aqueous solution of cocamidopropyl amine oxide. Broadly used in cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products, IngreNox CP33 is a mild, nonionic surfactant, efficient foam booster, stabilizer and viscosity modifier. Common applications include conditioning shampoos, foam baths and liquid soaps of all kinds. IngreNox is a very popular option for mild, low irritancy applications and is compatible with most surfactants.
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Ingrephen PCGS
New Arrival

Phenoxyethanol; Caprylyl Glycol; Sorbic Acid
Item #: 1159
Ingrephen PCGS is a liquid preservative system that provides broad spectrum protection and enhanced fungi protection in a pH range of 3-6. It is based on widely accepted cosmetic preservatives Phenoxyethanol and Sorbic Acid and boosted by Caprylyl Glycol, which provides emollient properties and improves skin tolerability. The combination provides a gentle, reduced content alternative to traditional preservatives.