FlowLac 90

D-Glucose, 4-O-ß-D-galactopyranosyl-, hydrate (1:1)

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FlowLac 90 - box25KG

Benefits FlowLac 90

  • Excellent flowability and outstanding compactibility
  • Virtually dust free
  • Compliance with Ph. Our., USP-NF and JP monographs
  • High speed compression
  • Fast disintegration times
  • Smooth surface - glossy tablets

Packaging Description

  • Carton boxes of 25 KG. One full pallet is 40 boxes (1,000 KG)


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Product information FlowLac 90


Meggle's product FlowLac® is produced by spray-drying a suspension of fine milled alpha-lactose monohydrate crystals in a solution of lactose. When lactose in solution is spray-dried, a rapid removal of water is taking place, whereby amorphous, non-crystalline lactose is formed in addition to crystalline lactose. Based on the amorphous content, kept on a stable level, non-varying better tabletting properties can be reached.

Due to the spray-drying process, FlowLac® has a spherical agglomerate shape, consisting of small alpha-lactose monohydrate crystals bound by amorphous lactose. FlowLac® 90 was developed to provide greater compactability compared to FlowLac® 100 by optimizing the amorphous lactose content. In addition, the particle size distribution makes FlowLac® 90 virtually dust-free.

Areas of application:
  • Low to medium dose DC formulations
  • Formulations with poorly flowing API's
  • Capsule and sachet filling
Chemical Name D-Glucose, 4-O-ß-D-galactopyranosyl-, hydrate (1:1)
HS Code 1702.11
CAS Number 64044-51-5
Product Form Solid
Region of Origin European Union

Markets, applications & functions FlowLac 90

Product Functions N/A
Similar or equivalent to .
Applications Nutra dosage forms, Oral dosage
SubMarket Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical
Market Pharmaceutical

Product Hazard information

CLP-GHS pictograms

Transport Hazard Indication

Non Dangerous Goods

Transport Hazard Class

Not Applicable

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