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Item #: 1075
Polyquaternium 22 is an amphoteric copolymer. A viscous liquid, Polyquaternium 22 can be used for numerous purposes and can be formulated in extreme pH levels. Good compatibility with most amphoteric and anionic surfactants. Polyquaternium 22 is known for its good conditioning qualities, ability to provide stiff hold in hair styling products, and has excellent humidity resistance properties.
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Item #: 1040
Polyquaternium 4 is a cosmetic ingredient that is broadly used in hair conditioners and skin care lotions and creams. It is a highly cationic conditioner and fixative useful at a wide range of pH and low viscosity. Both water soluble and providing antistatic and film forming properties, Polyquaternium 4 is extensively used in hair styling, mousses, texturizers and conditioners.
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Benzophenone 4
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Used in many cosmetic applications to provide skin protection against sunburn, Benzophenone 4 is commonly used in anti-aging facial care products, sunscreens and hair products. It can also be used as an emollient and an ingredient to prevent cosmetic products deterioration from sun exposure. Benzophenone 4 can be formulated into after-sun, self-tanning, color cosmetics, lip care, nail polish and body care products. It can also provide excellent protection for bleached and colored hair against UV radiation and can be used in hair gels, shampoo, mousse, hair sprays and hair primers. A secondary UV-B absorber with activity in short UVA (UVA-2) range rays, Benzophenone 4 provides supplemental UV protection and boosts SPF activity.
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Amodimethicone; C11-15 Pareth 7; Laureth 9; Glycerin; Trideceth 12
Item #: 1142
Ingresil EMU MI is a non-ionic emulsifier and conditioning agent recommended for use in aqueous based hair products. This high molecular weight amino functional silicone polymer can be used in transparent shampoos, hair treatments, masks, conditioning shampoos and rinse-off conditioners and other hair products. It provides silky feel to hair, helps add volume, eases dry and wet combining and also enhances shine. Ingresil EMU MI is easy to formulate with and can be used in clear end-products.
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Amodimethicone; Trideceth 12; Cetrimonium Chloride
Item #: 1141
IngreSil EMU MA is a 35% cationic macro emulsion of amino functional silicone polymer developed as a conditioning additive for hair care products. Imparting a silky sheet and soft feel, this additive can offer color protection in hair products, and also can provide styling benefits and excellent conditioning effects. Showing improved deposition and substantivity over other dimethicone fluids, IngreSil EMU MA is easy to formulate with and provides dilution stability. This opaque, low viscosity emulsion has a neutral pH.