Guar HS14

Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

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Product Description

Used in a wide range of personal care applications, Guar HS 14 is a high molecular weight modified guar gum that is compatible with most anionic surfactants. Allowing for a high deposition of actives, Guar HS 14 provides texturizing, repairing, protecting, conditioning, moisturizing and thickening properties. It also provides color protection, soft hold, substantivity and improvement in ease of wet and dry combing. Guar HS 14 is recommended for use in conditioners, hair masks, shampoos, detangling products, and nourishing and healing skin care products.

Packaging Description

  • Boxes of 25 KG. One full pallet is 40 boxes (1 MT). One 20ft container is 10 Pallets (10 MT). One 40ft container is 20 Pallets (20 MT)


Available for shipment within 1 week


  • Yields nice viscous qualities
  • Great conditioning effects
  • Easier wet & dry combing
  • Natural guar gum origin



Body Care, Hair Care, Skin Care


Personal Care

Application & Function

Product Functions

Conditioning, Moisturizing, Rheology modifying, Softening, Thickening, Volume enhancing

Similar or equivalent to

Guar N-hance 3196, Jaguar C-14S


Body Lotions, Body Washes, Hair Conditioners, Shampoos, Shaving Cream, Shower Gels

Product Hazard information

Transport Hazard Indication

Non Dangerous Goods
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Transport Hazard Class

Not Applicable

Product information

INCI or Chemical Name

Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

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Region of Origin

Asia Pacific