Parawax 600S


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Parawax 600S - palletbags1500KG
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Product Description

Parawax 600S is a paraffin wax product in slab form. This paraffin wax has a melting point of 48-52C and an oil content of 1% max. Paraffin waxes are made from petroleum using a specific refinement process to attain a specific set of parameters. Parawax 600S is used in a wide range of industries, from personal care and cosmetics to ink, paints and adhesives. Parawax 600S provides excellent gloss to formulations as well as moisturizing and lubricating properties. In addition it also thickens and stabilizes emulsions.

Packaging Description

  • PP Bags of 25 KG. One pallet is 60 bags (1500 KG). One 20ft container is 10 pallets (15 MT)*. One pallet is 48 bags (1200KG). One 40ft container is 20 pallets (24 MT)*. * Also available without pallets.


Available for shipment within 8 weeks


  • Provides nice gloss to formulations
  • Good thickener and stabilizer for emulsions
  • Widely used in the Personal Care Industry
  • Can be blended with a wide variety of wax based products



Body Care, Skin Care


Personal Care

Application & Function

Product Functions

Emollient, Gloss enhancing, Lubricating agent, Moisturizing, Texture agent

Similar or equivalent to

1003 Petroleum Wax; Paracera P; Merkur 115; Parafumei Paraffin Wax 7301


Lipsticks & glosses, Skin Moisturizers, Skin/Sun Creams, Skin/Sun Lotions

Product Hazard information

Transport Hazard Indication

Non Dangerous Goods

Transport Hazard Class

Not Applicable
CLP-GHS pictograms:

Product information



Chemical Name

Paraffin wax

HS Code


CAS Number


Product Form


Region of Origin

Asia Pacific

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